Online Journal
Okay decided to start a new one for this coming year since the other one overflowed and this time it will be the correct way.
This is not a blog as some people have suggested more of a time line type journal I can look back on to show what I've made




Added an article in weightloss tips section about my Journey into Virtual Reality and how I ended up using it in my weightloss arsenal. Still undecided on what's gonna stay and what's gonna go but I did remove some of the links from the front page.



It's been a while since I've posted anything here. Havent done much in 3d but I keep telling myself I should get back on it. I'm still undecided as to what I'm gonna keep on this page and what I'm gonna take out. From time to time I still get requests to make 3d helmets but that obsession has been long gone. I dont watch football as much as I use to. I mostly just look at highlights and look up scores same goes with the NBA.

With this whole Corona Virus / Covid-19 thing looming over our heads I think it's time to get back into 3d. Been working from home lately since late March and it has been ok and although this saves me alot of Money especially on gas it's not really what it's cracked up to be. Since we have to barricade ourselves at home and can't really go anywhere. This is probably the perfect time to get back on the 3d bandwagon. I've started to learn how to use Blender 3d and it has been rough transition since it's very shortcut driven. The site will undergo some changes so currently I'm trying to decide what stays and what goes. I've only made minor changes so far but we'll see what happens. I still play around with Photoshop and have created a Teespring spring store front which is called Universe F. The best selling shirt is shown below

Powered by pork

I stopped playing video games a long time ago only sticking to sports games from time to time and playing Nintendo Wii for a bit. I started playing VR games like 2 years ago and more so since we've been quarantined. I don't feel as guilty playing long hours since I'm actually moving around with games like Beat Saber, BoxVR (Now FitVR), Creed, Thrill of the Fight, and Super Hot. I bought a Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset but then later the real game changer that made me play nonstop the Oculus Quest. I might post some stuff about VR here and there but not sure yet. I may or may not post more weightloss tips that is still in the air as well. With being quaratined I'm struggling to keep it off myself. Gained about 15/20 lbs during this time period and been struggling to lose it. Anyways I'm excited about what's to come.

Changes are coming, make yourself ready, and prepare for the onslaught that's about to be unleashed. Just kidding I still don't know what kind of changes I'm gonna be implementing. Stay tuned



Well first I've been very lazy with updating this Journal or the website in General but with good reason atleast for my well being. I've been exercising more and eating healthier. I've decided to document what I've been doing to see if it will help others in their weightloss journey. To date I have lost 39 lbs

Weightloss tips

I'll add more stuff like Documentaries I've watched, youtube channels, and Links that have helped me in this never ending journey.



I helped design a Pig with a Friend of mine named Big Baby Porkchop. Yes named after someone I know in real life who actually visisted my forums and made some of the 2d helmets you see on this site. The link to the Cafe Press shop is below.

Big Baby Porkchop Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt

We will add more characters as we copyright them beerchug



Christmas is around the corner and we are still alive. No it wasn't another prediction like everyone was saying. The Mayan calendar stops at December 21 2012 but they never said the world would end.

Merry Christmas to all

Admittingly I've been steering clear of 3d projects because I have an old version of 3d studio max which will probably not work with Windows Vista/7/8 and XP is quickly becoming obsolete. I don't think I use enough to buy a newer version but we'll see.

I've been working out a little mostly jogging because of past back problems. If I have success I plan on posting some sort of journal to show my progress.



Just paid off the site so I atleast have it for another year. I know I haven't done much but I still did not want to lose it. I've decided to keep my bandwidth as is. In the past I was planning on cutting it down but I'll be okay with it.



It's been a while since I've updated this section

Well Armageddon / Judgement day came and went, I'm not knocking religion just the guy who made that prediction about May 21 2011 being the end of the World. He probably wanted more publicity for his radio show but not sure, maybe he really believed this was gonna happen. Oh well all is good so that's all that matters for now.

We're well into 2011 and days are going by faster and faster by the day. The NFL season is in Jeopardy and so I'm still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do. I took a break from things other than doing side jobs for personal reasons but I plan to get back on track in a week or 2 but in the meantime I'm putting some ideas down on paper for The Last Joint on Earth among other things. Things are getting a little tighter financially so I've been trying to iron out some personal issues.

Nothing new to display for now just more of a heads up and time stamp for myself so I can know where I'm at right now.



I made a new Video and called the Dino Dance check it out in the Video page

I've also been touching the first Video for the Last Joint on Earth and am thinking of just making it a little longer. I have part of scene 2 done and have been thinking of making part 1 a little longer. We'll see what happens, it's still in the works :)



Been adding things to the Tech Page lately and made a clip called Santa Claus Headshot shown below. I will add this to the Video page The Video is shown below I also worked on The Last Joint on Earth part and been working on Football Helmet Requests.



I've been working on objects lately that may or may not go into the Last Joint On Earth. I made a Low rider Ice cream truck with Dayton Rims who sells Ice Cream and Crack. It's low poly as usual.

Ice Cream truck

I also made modifiactions to the Resin Demon. He looks alot better now and can't wait to rig him up. I might add some armor on him but not sure yet.

Resin Demon

Also am working on a skate video screenshot is below. Will work on some more stuff.

Skating a half pipe



Lately I've been working on Football Helmets modifying the Facemasks that I have added. I stopped working on the Last Joint on Earth because it was time consuming and needed to take some time off from it because the Well was running Dry. I did make the Resin Demon and setup the scene for the opening segment of Part 2. I stopped because i had some problems with the lighting which I'll get around to fixing. Below is a picture of the Resin Demon which will be a species that is in search of Resin in order to remain immortal. That's the plan but it might change.

Resin Demon

Everything is low poly for a reason.

Below there is pictures of the Football Helmets I have altered the facemask for.

3d Football Helmet 3d helmet 3d Football Helmet Tigers 3d Football Helmet

Click here to view the Spinning Helmets for Helmet 1
Click here to the Spinning Helmets for Helmet 2
Click here to view the spinning helmets labelled Helmet 2 with facemask 2



The Last Joint On Earth

I finally got something to show for this, the concept is more than 10 years old. It's actual construction so far on and off has taken 4 years to construct and is probably the most controversial animated short that I've worked on so far. It all started as a small concept that I came up with a buddy of mine many years ago. It was simple story back then called the last joint on earth. Several years later my brother morky came up with more ideas that this joint should be special and to have it truly be the last joint on the planet.

I'm hoping I can finish this, the story has not even been fully written

More to come and some screenies, currently I'm setting up the next scene



I've been working on my first fight scene lately and finally finished it up. I decided to turn this into a wrestling match somewhere in between. It took me just a little over 3 weeks to complete this and didn't realize how short it was. I spent the entire weekend adding the sounds :)

Also previous to the video above I've been working on 3d Big Mean Kitty Videos. I also plan on working on something I've been planning for years now.

I hate going from one project to another before it's finished but sometimes it's better for me because I sometimes run out ideas somewhere in during the process and sometimes can add notes when something pops into my head. I hope when all is said and done that these we're wise choices.



I have made another Helmets episode this past week and on previous weeks I have been working on my City which is now called Los Diablos.

high school football fieldCity of Los Diabloscoliseum

I also redid the Press Conference video because it was removed. I had Spirit Horse of the Cherokee by Manowar playing and so it was considered copyright infringement. I replaced it with the one shown below. I also made a new helmets episode called The Sack.



More work done on Project strange world, I added some more buildings and a pier

Here's a few Screenshots

Condoms Superstore Strange wolrd

I've not done much with the Football helmets, I guess cuz the football season is over, congrats to the Saints for Winning it.



Project Strange World

I've been working on some simple low poly buildings, mostly houses for the City I'm constructing. It's been an ongoing project for the last 3 years on and off. I don't have much but there was alot of huge of gaps of doing nothing to it.

Houses 2 houses pool house creepy houses future world over head view huge buildings

Also made a video with a flying camera to show what I have so far in this virtual world so far.

I hope to make this a part of something much bigger, currently I'm not sure where I'm goin with this. I made the one listed below a month earlier but it only displays some of the buildings and the Mountains are missing.



First off I wanna wish everyone a happy new year and hope there is nothing but good things to come in the future for everyone and every living thing in our universe.

I had a great Christmas and New Years was great as well mainly because of the time off heheheh.

Not much in the news lately but had a great Christmas and a great New Years and also am looking forward to this New Year that is now full view. Oh and I also made another Helmets Short



Here's to another short work week

I'm slowly starting to add helmets to the site and leaving out all the copyrighted stuff that I had on the site. I'm gonna stick to the new helmet render style as shown below.

plain football helmetsmallcage football helmetPlain Football helmet 2

Back to work tomorrow but atleast it's another short work week. In the future I plan to bring back the Helmets series but I gotta get the RMFL goin again. Here's the last one I made below

Good day to all



I'm starting fresh

I decided to start fresh, and decided to stick to custom made helmets and stay away from copyrighted. i also took down the forums because I got tired of deleting all the spam posts. Another reason I'm starting over is because I wanna switch over to the new render helmets and redoing all those helmets is gonna be a pain in the behind. I also took down the guest book for the same reason I took down the forums.

Christmas was great this year and I hope you all had a great Christmas as well.

I have a long commute to work which takes up most of my day and my plan for the future is to get a job closer to home and go back to school. I also plan on focusing on other things for the website, I think a fresh clean start might be what I need for the upcoming year.

I will still be taking requests for 3d helmets but no copyrighted logos.