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Weight Loss Tips
I'm in no way an expert in this field but since 1/8/2013 til 8/17/2013 I have lost 61 lbs and want to share what I did to help others who have struggled with weightloss.

Yes I know there is many websites that talk about weightloss and there is many things to try and I do not claim to be an expert in the art. I just wanna help spread the word and try to help others in their weightloss journey by telling what I did to lose weight



It's hard to believe that 2014 is almost over as we are entering the holiday season. Thanksgiving is this Thursday so I'm definitely looking forward to the time off.

Currently I'm still able to keep the weight off and decided to put some videos on Youtube.

I also made a blog go here to check it out

I plan to make more videos in the future. My new quest is to get a flat stomach, lose the man boobs, and fix my posture.



First off happy new year to all. I know I have not been posting much but I got down to 165 lbs as of the Middle of August and have kept the weight off. I only go Jogging on the weekends now and have started Biking since Labor day Weekend. Been doing more pushups also. Ive been hovering from 164-170 since then and I've been thinking of going to the gym but still not sure. I think I just gotta be more consistant with the weight training before I go to the next level.



Weightloss production has slowed down since 4/28/2013 I have only lost 6 lbs which is still something. My goal was to be 170 lbs by the end of May which is still possible but likely not. Exercise wise I wish I could've kept a detailed journal but I didn't. I'm still doing some Cardio right now and decided to take 3 days off Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays instead of 2 because I have been losing weight on my rest days. We'll see how that goes I guess for now. I do less Cardio these days tho and try running more.

Oh and Here's one more reason to Believe Lard is actually healthy for you :)



I ran across this video the other day and thought I would share. It has some interesting clips here and there and talks about trash about Vegetable oils hehe.


My first link to post talks about Lard how it's actually good for you despite what we are being told and gives a brief history of why it got a bad rap.

Click Here

On January 8 2013 we started a biggest loser contest at work which I won by a longshot. As a New Years resolution I started out by quitting soda. Going into the 3rd week of the Biggest loser contest on Wednesday January 30th I quit sugar and below is the Video that helped me make that decision thank you Sean Croxton for the video.

Quitting sugar wasn't really that hard and I couldn't explain why it was so easy to quit. I didn't find out til Recently that it's because I was eating Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which kills sugar cravings. Also consuming more animal fat from Pork and Beef helped. Qutting soda at the start of the year also helped too of course.

Also ceck out this link about Raw Unpasteurized Milk click here



Let me start off by explaining what I eat and what I don't eat
I will add more to this list as it pops into my head

Foods and things I avoid

Vegetable Oils
High Fruitose Corn Syrup(HFCS)
Genetically Modyfied Foods
Count Calories
Trans Fat
Hydroginated Fat
Artificial Sweetners

What I eat

Lard (real Lard/ Manteca)
Whole Foods
Vegetables (on occassion preferrably organic)
Fruits(preferrably organic)
Butter (real butter with no trans fat and no vegetable oils)
Coconut oil
White Bread(Sometimes /Gluten free if possible)
Refried Beans (Sometimes)
Raw Milk (Sometimes)
Raw Almonds (Sometimes)

If there is a food that is questionable I check to see if people on the Paleo Diet can eat it. I'm not 100% Paleo because I eat Bread, Raw Milk, and Rice but it's still very helpfull to check under that category.



This is a page where I will post as many weightloss tips as possible to try and help others lose weight as mentioned above I'am in no way an expert in the art of weightloss and I will never claim to be an expert. I just wanna help spread the word and try to help others in their weightloss journey by telling what I did to lose weight. I will have a my journal posted on this site which I kept using evernote on my phone, tablet, and PC. I just need to clean it out to make it less boring to read first.

I will also post pictures when I build up the courage :)

I gotta thank Karl Nguyen for helping me with my Weightloss problem and for showing me how eat and exercise properly.

Alot of the things he mentioned made complete sense like how we eat today and how we ate in our childhood and how food is made today.


This page will have more stuff in the future

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